Tile and grout cleaning can be really difficult since regular mopping doesn’t remove the stubborn dirt that gets settled into the grout lines or grout pores or tile surfaces. With time, this dirt gets built up giving a dull and discoloured look to both tiles and grout.

Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Services uses the latest technology that restores the original appearance of your tiles and grout. You will be stunned to find your tiles and grout sparkling like new and happy at the transformation of your floors. We specialise in cleaning,restoration, sealing, polishing and maintenance of tiles (ceramic tile, marble, slate tiles, porcelain) and grout.

We use application of high pressure steam to extract the dirt from deep-seated grout and tiles. The whole process costs around $6 per square metre. The steps followed by us are:

  • Step 1: Pre inspection: includes identification of the various types of tiles and problem areas
  • Step 2: Careful movement of furniture
  • Step 3: Preparation of the area for cleaning process e.g. sweeping of floor as per requirement
  • Step 4: Applying appropriate cleaning agent as per requirement.
  • Step 5: Grout sweeping, brushing and rotary agitation for loosening soiling
  • Step 6: High pressure steam for rinsing and extraction of dirt
  • Step 7: Drying of tiles and grout with mop and fans
  • Step 8: Applying appropriate sealers if desired. (Sealers extend the life span of tiles and grout.)

At the end of our professional and experienced grout and tile cleaning process you will find your tiles and grout clean and germ-free. As mentioned above, using a sealer over the tiles and grout will protect and lengthen the life span of your floors, which requires less maintenance and will save you money on having to replace the tiles down the line.